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Jersey America Tercero 2018 America Green Jersey 2017
The Wild jersey needs to happen: http://jerseyalphago.com/858-Jersey-America-Tercero-2018-America-Green-Jersey-2017-S-4XL-1819-America-Third-jersey.html! This is the best Wild jersey I have ever seen. I am forwarding this guy's name and concept over to the communications and branding dept! .
Premier League almost banned Pogba for br out the Palestenian flag didn't say crap about Palestine Syria Iraq etc. but no all of a sudden they bring politics into football bums.
The original craftsmanship that went into those is nothing short of artistry. When I look at that, I can see the pride and love that went into it as opposed to similar products these days, mass produced in a factory and never see human hands until they are bought.

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