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Host A FREE Minecraft Server!
We have simply launched a brand new function to host Minecraft server completely FREE! Servers are hosted instantly in your Laptop and gamers join via our proxies so you don't must port forward nor and retains your IP tackle secure.
1. Click on servers on the left sidebar and click on on the add icon

2. Enter any name, choose a template / model and customize your hostname. This is the hostname that you'll give your pals
3. Click on create server and accept Minecraft's EULA
4. Game servers on begin server and have fun!
5. Give your friends your hostname to connect with. By yourself Computer, you can connect with "localhost" for decrease latency.
1. Is the server on 24/7? The server will keep online so long as your Computer is on-line.
2. How can I add a custom server? Open the folder directory through the dropdown and drag in a "server.jar" in to the folder.

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