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How To Download Minecraft Premium For Free
Minecraft it was one of the most sensational "cases" in the contemporary video game market. Born as a standalone project by a Swedish programmer, Markus Persson, it grew into a world-class phenomenon until it was acquired by Microsoft in 2014 (along with the software house founded by Persson) for a record $ 2.500 billion.
I bet you've heard of him too. In fact, I am convinced that you are dying to try it but, at the moment, you do not want to buy the full version of the game. Well, what is the problem? Connect to the Minecraft site and download the trial version of the video game that allows you to take full advantage of all the functions - or almost - for a period of 1 hour and 40 minutes, equivalent to 5 days of the game world.
The Minecraft demo is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. All you need to use is a free account to create on the game's website. How do you do it? Don't worry, below you will find everything explained: how to register the account, how download Minecraft Premium free and how to authenticate in the game. I wish you a good read and, above all, a good time!
- Install Minecraft Premium for free on your PC- System Requirements
- Create an account
- Download the game

1 Install Minecraft Premium for free on your PC1.1 System Requirements
1.2 Create an account
1.3 Download the game

Install Minecraft Premium for free on your PC
minecraft-premium It is a version of Minecraft, which is no longer called that, which served to distinguish the players who had bought this video game from those who tried it through its demo.
Now Minecraft It is available in its paid version for PC, smartphone and tablet or game console, with the possibility of downloading an evaluation version for PC platforms, Play Station and Xbox only. Look at me never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut
In the next chapters, I will guide you how to download minecraft free in its trial version on PC with operating system Windows, Mac OS es Linux. In this chapter, however, I will tell you about all the other platforms where you can download the Minecraft demo or buy its full version.
Just to clarify, on PC you can play Minecraft Edition Java. as Windows, Mac OS es Linux or Minecraft Edition of Windows 10, available only in Windows 10 through Microsoft Store.
System Requirements
by to play Minecraft on PC, in case you want to try the version Java Edition, it is required to be installed Java. In this sense, I suggest you read my guide dedicated to the subject. In the following lines, however, I will show you the minimum and recommended system requirements, so that Minecraft can run ( Java Edition es Windows 10 edition ) correctly.
Minimum System Requirements (Java Edition)
- UPC : Intel Core i3-3210 3.2 GHz / AMD A8-7600 APU 3.1 GHz or equivalent.
- RAM : 2GB
- Integrated video card : Intel HD Graphics 4000 (Ivy Bridge) or AMD Radeon R5 series (Kaveri line) with support for OpenGL 4.4.
- Dedicated video card : Nvidia GeForce 400 series or AMD Radeon HD 7000 series with OpenGL 4.4 support.
- HDD : at least 1 GB of free space.
- Operating System : Windows 7 and later, macOS 10.9 Mavericks and later, Linux (distributions since 2014).
- Connection to Internet to download game files and play online.
- Java latest version

Recommended System Requirements (Java Edition)
- UPC : Intel Core i5-4690 3.5GHz / AMD A10-7800 APU 3.5 GHz or equivalent.
- RAM : 4 GB.
- Video Card : GeForce 700 series or AMD Radeon Rx 200 series with OpenGL 4.5 support.
- HDD : 4 GB (SSD recommended).
- Operating System (64-bit recommended): Windows 10, macOS 10.12 Sierra, Linux (distributions as of 2014).
- Latest version of Java.

Minimum system requirements (Windows 10 Edition)
- CPU: Intel i5-4690 / AMD A10-7800 or equivalent.
- RAM: 4 GB
- Video card: Intel HD Graphics 4000 or AMD Radeon R5.
- Operating system: Windows 10 version 14393.0 or later.
- Internet connection to download game files and play online.

Recommended System Requirements (Windows 10 Edition)
- CPU: equivalent to Intel i7-6500U / AMD A8-6600Ko.
- RAM: 4 GB
- Video card: NVIDIA GeForce 940M or AMD Radeon HD 8570D.
- Operating system: Windows 10 version 14393.0 or later.
- Internet connection to download game files and play online.

Create an account
The first step to download the trial version of Minecraft Java Edition is to create a free account on the official website. Then access the link I gave you and, on the home page, press the button Log In, located in the upper right.
At this point, press on the wording Register one here, found below, and fill out the form with the required information, to create a free account. Then enter the email, a password your choice and yours birthdate.
Once done, put a check mark in the box next to the wording I accept the collection of usage data and then press the button Create an account, to complete the operation. In your inbox, you will receive an email with a Verification code, which you must enter in the corresponding text field shown on the screen. After doing this, press the button Check to complete the account creation.
If, at the moment, it is not your intention buy minecraft, you can ignore what is displayed on the next screen, where you will be asked to enter your payment information to purchase the full version of the game. If you want, try Minecraft Java Edition, follow the instructions in this chapter.
Regarding, however, Minecraft Windows 10 Edition, to download the trial version you need to have a Microsoft account. In this sense, I suggest you consult my guide on how to create a Microsoft account, in case you do not have one.
Download the game
Now that you have a useful account to try Minecraft, it's time to download this video game. About Minecraft Java Edition, reach this link and press the button Download, to get the file .exe on Windows or .dmg on macOS.
En Windows, double click on the file you just downloaded and, on the installation screen, click on the button close twice in a row and then press Install on pc, Sip es End To conclude the operation.
En Mac OS, Double-click the file .dmg and, in the box you see, drag the minecraft icon in the folder Applications, to install the software on Mac. Once done, right click on the game icon and press Opens for two consecutive times. This last operation is only necessary the first time to bypass macOS restrictions that prevent the launch of non-certified third-party applications.
At this point, start Minecraft and wait for all the necessary files to be downloaded. At the end of this procedure, enter your information Mojang account and press the button Play the demo, to play Minecraft.
Instead, to download the evaluation version of Minecraft Windows 10 Edition, you will need to install the application from the Microsoft Store. What you have to do is press icon (…) and select the article Install the trial version, in the box shown.
After doing this, if you have not yet associated your Microsoft account with the Microsoft Store, you will be prompted to do so by entering your credentials. This will start the download and installation of Minecraft on your Windows 10 PC. Then press the key Theater plays to start playing.
Play Minecraft Classic from the browser on your PC
If your goal is to play Minecraft for free, you might want to consider giving it a try. Classic Minecraft, a version of this famous video game that can be used through any web browser on a PC.
Classic Minecraft in fact, it does not require the installation of any software to be able to play: a web browser like Microsoft Edge in Windows 10, Safari on macOS or any other internet browsing software, such as Google Chrome o Mozilla Firefox.
I warn you, however, that Classic Minecraft it does not represent the current Minecraft gaming experience. In fact, Minecraft Classic is an outdated version that dates back to one of the first ones published in 2009. The developer, Mojang, has published it, in fact, as a tribute to the nostalgic who have always supported this video game.
If you are interested in this version of Minecraft, start your web browser and go to its official website through this link. On the screen that appears, type a Nickname of your imagination in the corresponding box and click the button comienzo to start playing.
In case you want to invite your friends to join your game session, before starting the game, press the button Copy, to be able to copy and then share the link that will allow him to play with you.
Install Minecraft Premium for free on other devices
Minecraft is also available on other devices, such as mobile phones and tablets with an operating system Android o iOS or on game consoles Play station, Xbox es Nintendo.
On all these platforms, Minecraft is available for a fee, but a trial version can only be downloaded on game consoles Play station es Xbox.
In case you are interested in downloading the trial version or buying Minecraft on these platforms, I suggest you read my guide on how to get Minecraft Premium for free.
Since there is no trial version available for mobile phones and tablets, in case you don't want to buy Minecraft, my advice is to play with other valid free alternatives. In this case, I suggest you consult my guide dedicated to the subject.

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