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Financial Projections Apps
If you're looking for an app for financial projections you'll have a variety of choices. This article reviews some of the most popular ones, including PlanGuru, Jirav, LivePlan, Smansha, and many other apps. These apps allow you to create financial scenarios and forecasts. financial projections example let you give your results to others through interactive dashboards. These apps are all extremely helpful. We recommend to read some reviews before you choose one particular app.


If you are the type of business proprietor who spends long hours working in Excel spreadsheets, PlanGuru is the financial projections application for you. PlanGuru is a spreadsheet like app that can automate complex budgeting, forecasting, and other tasks. This app removes the hassle of managing complex Excel sheets and offers 20 different ways to plan your forecast. It allows you to import Excel data as well as calculate expenses and report dividends.

The software is available in two versions: a cloud-based and an on-desktop version. The software is reasonably priced per user. The details are available on the site of the vendor and how to buy it. The trial version is free prior to purchasing the product. This app was created to aid CPAs in preparing and managing financial projections. It also makes sure that projections are accurate. It's flexible and can be utilized by any business.

The financial projections application from PlanGuru has many beneficial features. Financial projection tools let users compare the performance of a company with those of its industry peers. You can also assess the number of reviewers in relation to the size of your business. This app will help you save time and increase the accuracy of your financial forecasts. You can use this software on any device that connects to the internet. This program is best suited for medium and small-sized businesses. However, it might not be appropriate for larger businesses.

PlanGuru's integrated income, balance and cash flow statements allow you to create multiple budgets and forecasts. By incorporating intelligent method of turnkey and a flexible structure this app for financial projections will be an invaluable resource for your company. PlanGuru includes features that allow you to create granular budgets up to 10 years ahead. You can also compare the actual and budgetary reports to help you assess the financial state of your business and determine what actions must be taken.


Jirav's financial projects are created to aid small-to-medium-sized businesses in generating accurate and relevant forecasts. They generate automatically three-way financial statements which include the Income Statement, Balance sheet, and Statement Cash Flows. Jirav can also forecast for up to 60 months' worth of cash flows. Jirav users can tailor models and adjust assumptions to meet their requirements. Jirav lets users create simple sales forecasts, develop specific revenue models for industries and even incorporate delayed revenue backlogs into forecasts.

In contrast to other programs that require you to export data to Excel and vice versa, Jirav's financial projections apps are integrated with QuickBooks Online and Desktop. Jirav integrates with QuickBooks and imports data daily from the accounting software. The data can be transferred from NetSuite or Intacct accounting softwares. Users can personalize their forecasts by using Jirav's custom reports, dashboards and reports. The user-friendly interface makes Jirav effortless to use regardless of the current accounting system.

Jirav's business apps integrate data from workforce, accounting and operational data to produce thorough forecasts. The cloud-based information that Jirav utilizes to create its financial models, automatically eliminates the possibility of mistakes in spreadsheets. Jirav's financial projections apps enable users to collaborate on several scenarios, including workforce planning, bookings, and sales forecasts. This gives an overall overview of the business's operations.

Financial projections apps can help small businesses prepare for every scenario, from the smallest budget to most catastrophic global disaster. Jirav's COVID integrates functions for planning and integration to provide real-time data on cash flow. The interface is similar to Excel and allows different departments to collaborate more effectively. It's easy to use and does not require any prior knowledge. It can also help companies manage their forecasts, budgets, and reports in a seamless manner.


Business owners can design and share financial projections in a matter of minutes using LivePlan. With its intuitive interface, LivePlan allows financial reporting to be as easy as it can be, even for those who aren't technically adept. Share your business plan with othersand design intelligent presentations by using a vast range of template templates designed for specific industries. LivePlan's financial planning app tracks real-time changes and updates to financial information. This makes it a great tool for managing your business plan.

It comes with many amazing features , such as the ability to transfer financial information from QuickBooks or Xero. It is also possible to write your plan in your own native language and choose the appropriate output language. The app also allows users to input financial information in any symbol of currency. LivePlan's collaborative tools make it the ideal tool for project management in teams. But its shortcomings should not scare you away.

LivePlan comes with built-in charts and templates that look fantastic when shared with others. LivePlan's online community makes easy to send attractive decks for investors. It is also possible to invite your colleagues to take a review the plan. LivePlan allows you to build custom dashboards and keep track of the progress of your company's milestones. It has industry-leading measurement capabilities that allow you to easily assess your company's progress in comparison to other businesses. LivePlan allows you to rapidly develop a comprehensive plan for your business.

Utilizing LivePlan's financial projections software is simple and quick and it includes more than 500 templates. Each template includes instructions and the exact language required for the creation of financial projections. You can also examine how your projected numbers compare to industry benchmarks. You can also utilize GoSmallBiz to help you get up and running with LivePlan.


Smansha is a set of financial projections programs which can be found on the Intuit QuickBooks app store, is called Smansha. This application lets you simulate your cash flow for the future and analyze different scenarios to find what works and what doesn't. It is a great time-saver for busy business owners. It helps them plan for unexpected expenses and improves their accuracy. It's available for Mac, Windows and Linux.

Smansha connects users with more than 40 lenders, and is an ideal small business cash flow application. It's got powerful predictive algorithms that make predictions before you require them. It works with popular accounting software , such as QuickBooks Online and Xero to enable you to make educated choices. You can receive a no-cost quote within a few minutes, so there's no reason to wait any longer to begin.


Vena provides an intuitive interface that enables cross-functional collaboration. Vena is able to connect with existing systems and departments for instant access to cash flow. Vena is very easy to use, with a minimal learning curve. It lets users to manage budgets, forecasts reports, budgets, and other details. It assists companies in managing and analyse their entire business lifecycle. The program on cloud is compatible with Microsoft Excel.

Vena's biggest issue is inability of determining the price. The software is described as simple to use, but slow in uploading data as well as creating templates. User adoption is also a concern. Users have reported the performance of their computers, but they're generally small. Although Vena may not be the perfect solution for every company but it's a feasible alternative for companies that need regular automatic financial projections.

Vena's native integration in Excel gives users a better insight into their company's financial performance. This application lets companies manage quarterly, monthly, as well as annual budgets. Furthermore, it is able to perform variance analysis. It provides you with an overall overview of your finances. With native integration with Microsoft Excel, Vena financial projection software was designed to provide a business-friendly budgeting solution for companies of all sizes.

Vena simplifies financial consolidation, makes intercompany transactions easier, minor interest calculations, as well with other more complex processes due to its comprehensive feature list. Vena simplifies data collection and automates crucial tasks like creating process maps. It can automatically route data and journal entries and also sends updates and approvals to users. It eliminates the necessity to manually enter data , and lets finance departments focus on analysis and value-added activities.

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