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The Varrock anvil is the known hotspot for training smithing at an anvil, due to how close it is to a bank for the least amount of experience gain-downtime, and, less energy used as less squares are ran from bank to anvil with an inventory full of heavy metal bars draining energy quicker. If you’ve read past articles, and you know about Runite Bars drops from the Rune Dragon Alt drop table, you might know where this is going- especially after reading https://www.pissgaming.zone/osrs/running-a-rune-dragon-alt-alongside-a-main-account-further-optimizedroadmap-for#GracefulForRunePlatebodies - And you’re probably in the right mindset of optimizing the money making method, too.
Let’s proceed into the article to highlight how the Graceful set helps train Smithing in Oldschool Runescape , now the importance of conserving run energy has been mentioned.
Running back and forth, to and from the anvil will have any player, even those with 99 Agility who are using the “status quo” Varrock anvil, will find their run energy depleting to 0 in no time at all. Before any kind of experience is gained, or a good amount of items are created, even. This is due to how heavy the bars are, as the Runite in an inventory is still heavy and still plays as a factor of how quickly run energy drains due to how the OSRS mechanics of this works.
Therefore, it’s important to conserve run energy, and Graceful does just that. Also, the full set bonus helps generate run energy quicker, almost as if you were sipping stamina potions (but without the extra inventory space plus the cost of them. How great is that?). It’s a double-dip into countering the drawbacks of Smithing in other ways not using Gold Ore for the “EHP”, and helps make this method a viable way of levelling Smithing to 99 while even drawing a profit, not a loss, which Gold Ores > Bars does not provide.
Since you’ll be running from Varrock anvil/blast furnace conveyer bank to a bank with a full inventory of ores, you’ll be very heavy and your energy are going to be drained quickly. This is often why a weight-reducing outfit like graceful is very recommended when training Smithing.
You should also wear ice gloves when using the Blast Furnace to process ores in order that you don’t need to use a bucket of water, which reduces your profit and experienc/hr by a lot. Ice gloves are often obtained by killing the ice queen at White Wolf Mountain.
The White Wolf Mountain may be a natural region within a members-only area. which acts as a mountainous border between Taverley and Catherby, and as a borderline between the kingdoms of Asgarnia and Kandarin. The mountain is notorious for being a dangerous area for low levelled players wishing to visit Kandarin. It also has access to the Ice Queen’s Lair where players can fight the Ice Queen during Heroes’ Quest, for these gloves.
Again, having both the ice gloves and therefore the coal bag is very recommended when doing the furnace while the Graceful outfit is useful for both methods of training smithing. Not utilizing these tools will decrease your experience rates, and your Oldschool Runescape gameplay, drastically.
I hope this has cleared up the doubts about training Agility before Smithing, for the Graceful set, so players can begin to increase their exp/gp rates per hour while training the skill. If you’d like to read more, scroll to the top of the page for the resources on using this with the Rune Dragons drops for even greater profits from both money making methods; also, before you try to use these methods, check:
- The Grand Exchange, with a smaller buy/sell of the resources which will be used. This ensures the prices are up-to-date so you don’t accidentally lose money
- Check the OSRSWiki, for up-to-date methods on making money and the input/output of the methods
The reiterate:
The Graceful outfit is useful for both methods of training Smithing. Not using it will decrease the players experience/gold per hour rates and will lead to a downfall in enjoyment of playing OSRS
To generate an even greater profit from this money making method, the factor which can be changed are the inputs, with not much room to breathe in the other areas. This is an easy thing to change as Runite Bars can be sourced for free, elsewhere in OSRS without the use of GP to “buy from other players”. If the resource is gathered yourself, you make 100%, pure profit.
Our article on the best way to get Runite Bars, using the RDA Drop table for Smithing covers just this, and will help avoid the GE limits of the items involved to level Smithing while also being a way to get more profit from the Rune Dragon Alt plus being more profit for Smithing on a main account; another double dip! If you’re interested, click the link above and have a read.
This has covered everything related to the skill, so you should be ready to do this yourself in-game. If not, or if you have other related comments about this article, feel free to leave a comment. We love hearing about what you think.

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