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We have nothing to fear but fear itself ... along with a murderer with a knife.
I must start using the sad.'Scary Movie'i watched at 123 movie is definitely the last funny franchise (well, no less than the first three parts) inside history of cinema to date. From the 80s there was'Airplane!' , Later'The Naked Gun ', the 90s'Hot Shots!' followed by there are more little-known but funny parodies. And everything the films were combined with almost the exact same surnames: mr. Zucker, mr. Abrahams, mr. Zucker (I wouldn't seal myself, there was clearly two Zuckers: David and Jerry, respectively). And today, with the brand new millennium, the parody genre must be refreshed with new names. Plus the Wines brothers got because of business, who had already appeared on their show on American TV and in the non-standard comedy of such times,'Don't Certainly be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood '. And it was this unconventional approach to making the film that made it popular.

The film is based on two horror hits on the late 90s:'I Know What You Did Last Summer'and'Scream '. But is there a difference coming from a good movie parody and modern ones (that is, bad ones)? Originality and ridicule on the genre itself, but not of specific individuals. Therefore, the creators took only the most delicious of the aforementioned pictures, searched some more interesting things in other guises (popular advertisements, fashion films, movies, etc.), added satire on genre clichés, several original (sometimes vulgar) jokes, sprinkled with a great soundtrack and make the beginning nude and wet ms. Electra. They place all this inside the oven and removed to the delight of the viewers an excellent, completely independent picture, which can easily look, even if the viewer isn't going to know very well what he or she is laughing at. Personally, I only heard of the inclusion of'I Know What You Did Last Summer'after watching the photo, and for a long period believed'What's uuuppp !!!' - a component with the film, an excellent parody of your advertisement.

I can not help but mention the actors. Obviously ms. Faris, who came up with the picture of Cindy Campbell, who became identical icon in the genre as Frank Drebin and Topper Harley. But without other actors, the film do not possess been the film it is. I will be no exception from what's left and laugh heartily when mr. Wines as Smaller than average Mr. Sheridan as Doofy. It's a shame the fact that franchise has lost such juicy characters.

At the present time, this is actually the longest-lived parody epic, that the fifth part is definitely being removed. In the souls of moviegoers we have a warm passion for the primary two parts, of original and also separated itself from some other parodies. The film must be watched by everyone over the age of 13. It cheers up and instead gives off a great boost of energy. Sometimes, naturally, some excessive vulgarity is embarrassing, but after watching modern American youth comedies, this vulgarity not hits a persons vision so hard. Download, start up, laugh ...

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