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Four Types of Dogs and How They Compare to the Typical House Pet
Home insurance policies and dogs don't always mesh well. This is not only true of families with small, timid dogs. It also holds true of families with large, strong dogs. Just about everyone who lives in a home with a dog will tell you that they would prefer not to have to deal with dog bite injuries or property damage lawsuits. The question remains whether there really is a breed or type of dog that is more dangerous to homeowners?

Let's start by examining the question from a legal standpoint. Dog bites have long been considered a form of assault and battery. In fact, almost every law enforcement official in the country makes it a point to prosecute dog attacks that end in injury or death as a form of assault and battery. Because most states have "lethal" dog laws, the penalties for an assault and battery with a dog are particularly severe.

But are dogs more dangerous than cats? While the cat is often involved in "pet battles" that result in broken bones, stitches, and scars, dogs can be involved in dog bites that cause injury that requires medical attention. In a dog bite lawsuit, the owner of the dog may claim that the dog was acting viciously and that the owner was defending his or her dog. While Cheap car insurance in Mississippi - Cheap car insurance for you will have to decide this issue, it does point to a distinct lack of responsibility on the part of dog owners.

On the other hand, dogs are often involved in stabbings and other types of dog attacks. Statistically, dogs account for more bites that cats each year. And breed-related attacks account for much of this statistic as well. (There's no accounting for how many pet stabbings result in death because many victims don't leave a body.)

Home insurance companies have recognized the potential liability associated with dogs and have attempted to address this problem by offering coverage for certain breeds of dogs. The idea is to insure that the dog breed is less likely to be involved in dangerous situations. Unfortunately, some companies have overlooked this concern and offered insurance coverage for dog breeds that are known for their aggression. These companies provide coverage for dogs such as pit bulls and Dobermans but exclude other breeds.

This leaves dog owners who want home insurance coverage with only one option. It's time to decide whether you're willing to accept that your dog is a higher risk than a cat or another smaller breed. It's also important to consider what you would do if you were the victim in an attack. Would you be willing to accept the possibility that your dog may be injured or killed because of a dog breed that is more aggressive? Do you see yourself or others in such a situation? Chances are, you recognize the risk involved in insuring a dog of any breed, but you would be unable to avoid it under most circumstances.

If your dog isn't categorized as one of the four types of high-risk breeds, but it is still considered high risk by a company, you still may be able to find coverage. It's important, though, to realize that you can't rely solely on your home insurance to protect you from such circumstances. You need to take your pet into the vet for regular checkups, and you should be prepared to share the cost of veterinary care with the insurance company. This is why it's a good idea to talk to several insurance agents to learn more about different breeds and how they compare to the typical breed.

Home pet insurance is a very competitive market. That's why you need to know as much as you can about the different breeds of dogs in order to get the right policy. Just because Cheap car insurance in Philadelphia, PA - Cheap car insurance for you is classified as high risk doesn't mean you'll have to pay a lot more than you would for a different breed. Rather, you should focus on understanding the four types of dogs and then choose a policy that protects your investment appropriately.

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