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VPS Versus Cloud Hosting - Part 1
Due to various we site demands of different individuals and businesses all over the world; one has to determine the kind of “virtual hosting” that they would like to host their web site on. Web site demands are usually related to storage space and the processing power required for dealing with the traffic passing through your website. You can host your website on one very big server that has been sliced into smaller “virtual” servers, or you could host your website across a network of servers.
Each has its benefits and shortcomings.
Virtual private servers (VPS) entails partitioning one physical server into multiple servers, each having the capacity to functioning as an independent server, with its own operating system and independent reboot capability. Hosting on these servers allows you to purchase hosting plans that limit the number of resources used each month. This is the basics for any skill level and plans are tailored to meet general requirements of a range of personal and business users. This kind of hosting uses a single server that consumes a lot of resources that are only given to each web site developer according to their size and usage needs. These servers can be quite costly to use for hosting your website if you plan on having a huge load of traffic. It is either you pay through the nose for resources or risk your website having down times once your subscribed services are used beyond the laid out plan specified for your particular package.
This kind of hosting is slowly becoming obsolete and giving way to a new more efficient method of hosting;
Cloud hosting is a dynamically scalable type of hosting, where virtualized resources are provided as a service over the internet using a network of servers. This hosting on a “cloud” of servers has become very popular with large internet companies since they no longer have to worry about hardware performances and they can concentrate more on content creation to bring in more visitors. Ua 7 increased traffic is easily handled in the huge cloud of resources provided by the networked virtual servers. This hosting is flexible when it comes to pricing since you only pay for what you use, and is the best option for those whose usage is more, and also allows for rapid expansion.

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