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How to Get the Most Out of Your Ski Bike Conversion Kit
Trying bike skiing for the first time can be daunting, but it's actually quite simple! Kierra Keller, an ASA ambassador for Lake Tahoe, first tried the sport last year and wanted to share her new hobby with others. But she wasn't sure what to expect. After all, she has to remove the entire drive train from her bike to install a new kit, so it's important to wear proper eyewear and gloves. Here are some helpful tips:
Conversion kits are expensive

You can buy a ski bike conversion kit, but you will pay a pretty penny for it. You'll have to buy special tools and take apart the entire drive train. These home-built conversions rarely work properly and are not allowed at most ski resorts. You can get a ski bike conversion kit for about $130, however. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your ski bike conversion kit.

These conversion kits can be an excellent investment if you've invested in a traditional bike. They allow you to use it for many purposes, while still keeping the familiar feel of your current bike. Conversion kits are also good for those who have trouble riding a bike with gears or new routes to conquer. However, you should keep in mind that bike skiing conversion kits are not designed for modern e-bikes. These bikes are designed to handle additional weight and complicated electronics.
You have to remove your entire drive train to fit the conversion kit

If you want to fit a 1x11 drivetrain in your bike, you have to completely disassemble your current drive train. This means taking off the chain and shifter cable, removing your rear derailleur, and removing the frame housing for the shifter cable. You will need to close the cable ports to prevent dirt from entering the frame. If your bike has Shimano components, you can purchase a replacement chain or a quick link for the shifter cable.
You need to wear gloves and eyewear

In addition to a helmet and gloves, you'll need to wear eyewear and gloves while bike skiing to protect your eyes from the sun and airborne debris. Some goggles come with tinted lenses to improve your vision, such as orange. These tints will help you see through the trees and terrain, which will shade your trail and obscure obstacles. Others have vented lenses to keep your eyes cool.
You need a fully geared drivetrain

Whether you're going down a slope or descending it, a fully geared drivetrain is essential to your biking efficiency. High gears are smaller in circumference, with fewer teeth. Smaller gears allow you to pedal at a faster pace, while larger gears make climbing steep grades more manageable. The type of drivetrain that works best for you will depend on your riding style and what you're hoping to achieve.

The drivetrain of your bike will determine the amount of speed that you'll need to ride. Bikes with low gears are better for flat surfaces, as they make the bike lighter and easier to handle. High-end bikes can have multiple gears, and a fully geared bike can be heavy and bulky. However, if you're strong and have a lot of stamina, you can get away with riding a bike with higher gears.
You can do it on downhill ski resorts

You can do bike skiing on downhill ski and snow board resorts, but be sure to be careful! Despite the name, bike skiing requires real pedaling. If you fall and break your neck while skiing, it could be dangerous. Fortunately, it is legal to bike ski and snow board on ski resorts. If you don't wear a helmet, you can still enjoy the experience without risk. The following are some places where you can do bike skiing.

First of all, bike skiing is similar to alpine skiing, and it is just as exciting. Unlike skiing, bike skiing doesn't involve multimillion dollar lifts. Instead, you ride downhill using gravity to guide you down. You can purchase a bike haul pass and bike lift tickets to enjoy your new sport. It is also important to wear body armor, including thick, sturdy shoes, knee and shin pads, a jacket with built-in protection, goggles, and a helmet.

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