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Prostitution in Canada: facts and thoughts

The sex industry in Canada. What is the problem with prostitution in this country, and what do Canadians think about it? Hello, dear friends. Today we have a fascinating question on the channel. I am asked concerning the situation of prostitution in Canada. The question is: "What is the status and status of prostitution in Canada, and what is the attitude of Canadians to prostitution? How legal is this?� So could it be banned or not? Let's start at the start: the status of prostitution in Canada. In this country, prostitution isn't prohibited by law ? so it's allowed.

All countries on earth view prostitution from two opposing points of view: Prostitution should be banned ? here is the so-called Swedish model; "prostitution ought to be allowed, controlled and regulated by hawaii, which should earn money from it and offer adequate working conditions for sex workers - this is actually the so-called Dutch model.

In Canada, many laws regarding prostitution haven't changed because the 19th or early 20th century. And prostitution from the idea of view of these two systems, which I mentioned above, is somewhere in the gap between them. That is, on the one hand, the canadian state will not prohibit prostitution, and alternatively, there are various laws that are aimed at preventing people from engaging in prostitution. I forgot to say that on December 20, 2013, a law was passed that says that there surely is nothing reprehensible in people engaging in prostitution, that engaging in it is not a criminal matter, that's, you can not put them in jail for it.

And accordingly, the Supreme court of Canada ruled that the legislation in absolutely all subjects of Canada should be changed in the context of this very decision that prostitution is not an illegal, illegal act. And sex workers celebrated an enormous victory on this occasion. Therefore it turns out that hawaii has once again officially confirmed the right of people to activate in prostitution and, accordingly, the proper of citizens to use these services.

What species are available in Canada

Now, are you aware that development of the business and the attitude of Canadians to it. Prostitution is very well developed; in all more or less large cities ? I think-with a population of more than 50-100 thousand people, you can find streets where prostitutes are working. Naturally, in large cities such as Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, the amount of people used in the sex industry is much higher.

There are a large numbers of so-called massage parlors that offer intimate services along with massage. There are a huge number of escort agencies, including online. On this occasion, you can find regular battles that prostitutes are beyond your legal field and therefore they can not defend their rights and become protected from the point of view of regulations and protected by the police. Additionally, there are unions of sex workers. That is, life is completely swing, there is a large amount of this "happiness" and for every taste and color you can observe representatives of any country working in this field.

What do Canadians look at this?

The attitude of Canadians to the situation is quite calm and tolerant. You know, and I have already told you many times, that Canadians are generally very tolerant of everything. People say that when someone needs it, then there is nothing wrong with it. Moreover, it is not prohibited by law ? let it be.

The sex industry in Canada. What's the situation with prostitution in this country, and what do Canadians consider it? Concerning the cost of services: prior to making this video, I looked at the local press, which handles this issue and does research on this topic. And the press writes that the expense of services starts from about $ 50$ 50. And then, with regards to the degree of elitism, the price may be multiple thousand dollars. I understood that the "comrades" who focus on the street cost exactly the same 50-100 dollars, depending on quality of the goods and condition. This can be the case with prostitution. By the way, I've seen prostitutes on the street ? here, local ? and, frankly, they cause not so much interest in learning them better, but a sense of pity and sadness, because they're too shabby, unpleasant and nothing but a feeling of disgust, usually do not cause. That's probably all I needed to say about this. I am hoping I answered your question. If there are any clarifications, I am happy to react to your comments and comments in greater detail. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel, I wish you all the best, and goodbye!

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