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We're Talking About Minecraft

One of the most unique titles in recent times is also one the most popular. We're talking about Minecraft, the sandbox game that combines several genres and has unleashed a rage among the millions of gamers around the world eager to create their own worlds.

Crafting as a way of life

This game, that is also available on other platforms than Windows like Android, iOS, Mac or Linux is packed with graphics that stand out due to their huge pixels. These blocks and the LEGO-style blocks can assist us to build our own reality.

Unlimitless imagination

One of the most exciting aspects of this game is that the player can design a world to his own preferences. For this purpose, he'll need to make use of the various construction blocks and materials that can be made: cities, castles fortresses, fortresses, unimaginable buildings... you can construct anything you can think of in your own world.

Main features

This game has a number of options you can utilize to alter the result.

Create your own virtual world by using building blocks and only limited by the laws of physics. You can fight the night creatures with your own sword and armor. A game that is independent and mixes different genres: action, adventure, platform, and building. Complete 'Sandbox Editor': Create your own story with cubes that resemble LEGO blocks. - Create buildings, mountains, forests, etc. It also has a multiplayer mode. Five game modes are that are available with different difficulty levels: Survival, Adventure, Creative Hardcore, Spectator, and Adventure.

You can decide which game you would like to play

You can pick from various difficulty levels that will allow the game to evolve differently depending on each case. Each case will require you to complete certain actions. In the same way, you can play in a setting full of action or in a more tranquil setting where your sole goal is to explore and build.

Survival: you must get hold of resources that will ensure that you'll be alive. Get food on the table and take care of your health. All About Minecraft Servers And Minecraft In General Be creative: create and discover. You don't have to worry about survival. All About Minecraft Servers And Minecraft In General Hardcore: In survival mode, you can die and be revived as many times as necessary. However, this is not the scenario. You only have one life so take care of it. Spectator: a peculiar mode where you travel around the world, but you aren't able to interact with them. You can also view them from the perspective of other creatures as well as gamers. Adventure is the game mode that is suitable for those that aren't concerned about the online version. You must face off against dangers, explore, and other actions but there are some situations like breaking blocks with the appropriate tools.

Modify the game

Another advantage of this game and one that its users love is the ability to personalize it. You can alter your character and the game through mods and skins, in such a way that making it a personal level becomes a huge attraction.

It was only one the most successful indie games ever... and we say was because Microsoft bought it from Mojang the company that developed it for around 2 million dollars, so it's now managed by the folks at Redmond. So if it was impossible to download Minecraft for free the update, now it's even easier. You can at least download the Minecraft demo.

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