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Nike Kyrie 3 Preschool Nike Kyrie Preschool Shoes Nike Kyrie 6 Boys' Preschool White 64 85753 6 04
Just buy from Ali or Taobao China. They make the best 1: 1 fake. There is one expat who lives in China who youtube his trip to those malls in China selling the replica sneakers.
A lot of people don't know Nike might send to the factory enough material to make 100, 000 pairs but only want 10, 000 pair back. But quality control might deny the the 90, 000 pairs. Those other 90, 000 pairs get classified as fake and sold to different stores that get sold to us. so there is no fake pairs.
icl i've bought reps and the real and as long as you buy from a high quality website you won't notice differences at all. Just please don't try and sell them as authentic as that's just not cool.

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