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Adidas Originals Men's Nmd_r1 Sneaker Adidas Nmd_r1 Brown Beige Rose Adidas Nmd_r1
Whoever pays these new retail prices (which are reseller prices) are stupidasses. The thing people don't understand is, you're supporting NIKE the corporation http://ceasefirecampaign.org/748-adidas-originals-nmd-r2-sneakers-adidas-originals-men-s-nmd-r2-adidas-nmd-r2-pk.html. Not the CULTURE. B wearing UA, that isn't the lack of love for the culture. Retail is even pricey now, at shitty materials used as opposed to 30 years ago. Nah. I'm good on that. Nike don't care about you. We as lower income people (which we are) who's the dumbass? ✌️.
Fuck StockX! A bunch of idiots forming the authentication team claims my pair of offwhite presto from the authorized dealer was a replica and steal money from me for the cancelation charge: http://ceasefirecampaign.org/769-adidas-men-s-nmd-r1-shoes-adidas-originals-men-s-nmd-r1-adidas-nmd-r1.html.

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