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What Are The Most Populated WoW Private Servers At The Moment?
What are the most populated WoW private servers at the moment?
I've been playing on Tauri for a year now, and the population there can be a bit underwhelming at times. So I've been wondering if there are any servers with a massive playerbase (real players, not bots). Would love to get info on a few populated servers.
I've been playing on Apollo3 with some friends. Peak times are NA times even tho it's a heavy Russian/Ukrainian/etc server. Tho English only in world chat as usual
Noticed somewhat decline in player amounts on Warmane realms, this started around same time as Apollo III arrived in 12th December, at same time there was (still?) some problems with Warmane login server, and many players started write on forums / reddit how they can't access game as before.
Most noticeable on Lordaeron realm (around before night when there should be most players available for some hours), and ingame show it better, actual global chat felt pretty much empty at times, compared to before it was spam montage all the times.
Still can understand why not all like cataclysm, or much anything newer than WotLK.
Seriously not one place to suggest, each have pros/cons of their own.
Warmane is non the less still at 12k ?
What is your timezone? Evermoon had a peak online of over 2k this week.. THEARTOFKEREMBEYIT don't think that is underwhelming at all. If you live in NA for example, yes, population will be low :)
It's Indian Standard Time, so I'd probably have to pull off all nighters to play Evermoon at its peak population.
I’ve had no issues with less pop on ChromieCraft. You can also see how many players are online. I usually find queues as healer dps in 3-5 mins in non peak hours and peak hours of EU/NA is insta pop .
I find it kind of crazy but the chromiecraft queues as DPS have been shorter for me than the dps queues for RHC in warmane
Any where at NA? I hate to play with high latency of european servers
Most if not all servers are based in EU due to legal reasons. NA pserves get shutdown by Blizz rather quickly.
With fiber I can play in EU despite being in central time zone.
I am right now doing hard vanilla on TurtleWow, almost at all times there is someone around me, be it a city, an inn or in the middle of the forest.
Funny huh? I've recorded population at times and it fluctuates on avg between 200 - 600, and yet it's odd how many people you still run into in the world.
ascension is massive but its a custom server
what do u mean by massive? I considered playing on ascension, but if they only have like 300 online players, then I wouldn't bother probably.

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