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Minecraft Fan Creates Terrifying Pac-Man Minigame

Minecraft is a game with many possibilities, and that's why it's the home of working versions of Minesweeper and Wordle. The creativity of the community makes it possible to do almost anything in this sandbox. We're offering the classic Minecraft game with a huge twist.

Everyone knows Pac-Man. He's the huge yellow orb with a large smiley face that's the face of one of the first truly big games and is still popular thanksin part to appearances in the Smash Bros series. You'll be racing around trying to score high scores while avoiding ghosts. This only changes when you grab a power-up, turn around , and consume ghosts.

YouTuber Fundy decided that Minecraft required Pac-Man. But not like just another wordpress site remember. Instead of Pac-Man avoiding ghosts and avoiding ghosts, he'll be hunting them, but the ghosts aren't ghosts after all. They're actually other players. This makes Pac-Man one of the most frightening Minecraft mobs.

You can defeat Pac-Man simply by grabbing a power-up, but the hulking mass is not just faster than you and someone with a clear vision of the arena will be in control of the game.

Fundy created a video of the entire process, and it's quite terrifying. It's fascinating to see it all happen and the code to make it work isn't easy to comprehend. Fundy is outraged by other YouTubers in this Pac-Man version and it's quite entertaining to watch.

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