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Minecraft Game Server Hosting

It's a sandbox game that involves placing blocks and embarking on exciting adventures.

1.18 Caves and Cliffs Part 2 Update is now available

Explore and live in endlessly-generated worlds of wide open spaces, featuring diverse biomes, enemies, dungeons, and endless possibilities. You can explore without being directed to where to go, build epic dirt mansions or dig an underground cave to hide from the mobs. Everything that happens is down to the player.

There are two major game modes: Survival, where you have to explore the world, fight enemies and find food, then build a house and more; and Creative, in which you have unlimited resources and the ability to build anything you can think of.

Mining can destroy almost every block in the world. It is possible to combine them into crafting tables to create new blocks, amour and tools.

On the Java Edition of Minecraft there is a large community of modders for Minecraft with a huge amount of additional content that you can install on your server. We currently have more than 300 modpacks that you can install with a single click on our control panel and you can change anytime. If a modpack you'd like to play isn't on the list Tell us! We'll get it installed.

Java Edition is not for you? It's not a problem! minecraft servers ! We also offer access to the Bedrock version Minecraft on our service so that you can play on any device.

Are you interested in learning more about Minecraft? Check our official website at Minecraft.net.

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