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Java Edition Launcher For IOS

Minecraft: Java Edition Launcher for iOS is based on PojavLauncher Android


Introduction Building How does it work? Current status of known issues regarding License Contributing Credits and Third component licenses


This is an attempt at making Minecraft Java work on jailbroken iOS. Minecraft vanilla servers The minimum requirements are: device running iOS 12 or higher.



- Mac OS X (tested at 10.15) (tested at 10.15) - the XCode (tested at 11.7.0) (tested at 11.7.0) JDK 8 installed Gradle for Java part. cmake, fakeroot, ldid and wget to package. This directory is where you should run.

How do you make it work?

- Use OpenJDK 16 from Procursus to experience a real Java environment. MetalANGLE is used to implement the OpenGL ES to Metal translator. Minecraft vanilla servers GL4ES is OpenGL -> OpenGL ES Translator. - Use our LWJGL3 iOS port. - Use same launch method for PojavLauncher Android.

Current status

Java Runtime Environment: OpenJDK 16. LWJGL3 iOS port: works OpenGL GL4ES did Minecraft recognize OpenGL OpenAL: Use @kcat's openalsoft input pipe implementation to authenticate your account. Does it work? Partial. - Currently, only Minecraft 1.14+ fully functions. - Forge won't work, but Fabric and OptiFine will.

Problems that are known

Mojang authentication may not work. However you can copy the logged-in account JSON file from Android. Camera position will be jumped to random location on first time you touch. - Versions below 1.12.2 only render a small panorama at the lower left corner. Other versions can crash for different reasons: Narrator crash etc... It may crash at times, but you can launch it again until it works.

OpenJDK 16 Installation

For Chimera/Odyssey bootstrap

- Add Procursus repository (https://apt.procurs.us). Install and install java-16-openjdk.
Minecraft vanilla servers

Other jailbreak bootstraps

Download openjdk-16-jre.deb. - Open Filza File manager and install it. - Open the.deb file you downloaded. Click on the file, then click Install. If everything is in order it will end up with setting up ....

Directory locations

- Account json directory: /var/mobile/Documents/.pojavlauncher/accounts. - Minecraft home directory: /var/mobile/Documents/minecraft. - Select a version: edit /var/mobile/Documents/minecraft/config_ver.txt, put to Minecraft version want to start.


- PojavLauncher is licensed under the GNU GPLv3.


Contributions are welcomed! We are open to any kind of contribution, not only code. Any code change should go as pull requests. The description should explain what the code does and include steps to implement it.

Credits & Third party components and their licenses

PojavLauncher Android contributors and here. - Apache Commons. JSR305 -- org.json Boardwalk (JVM Launcher): Unknown License/Apache License 2.0 or GNU GPLv2. GL4ES by @lunixbochs @ptitSeb MIT License.

MetalANGLE by @kakashidinho and the ANGLE team: BSD License Version 2.0. OpenJDK 16 port to iOS by @Diatrus: GNU GPLv2 License.

LWJGL3: BSD-3 License. LWJGLX (LWJGL2 compatibility layer for LWJGL3): Unknown license

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