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MediaWiki-The Power Behind Wikipedia!
We all are familiar with Wikipedia, right? Our bank to all necessary information. So now you must be thinking what is MediaWiki? MediaWiki is nothing but the power behind Wikipedia which supports automated version tracking, spam filtering and the latest tools for visual wiki enhancements and indexing. Managed MediaWiki hosting web app can boost your community’s know-how surrounding your product, service or tool! Apps4Rent provides the best hosted MediaWiki plan with exclusive support and features like unlimited disk space, easy web-based toolbox, free MediaWiki Installation, Free MediaWiki upgrades, MediaWiki-friendly hosting, MediaWiki optimized servers, easy setup, 24/7 technical support, unlimited bandwidth and many more!
Hosted MediaWiki is a Web-based wiki software application deployed by companies as an internal knowledge management solution, and as a content management system. MediaWiki is written in PHP, and can use either the MySQL or PostgreSQL relational database management system. MediaWiki supports more than 70 languages; it is scalable and customizable.
Features of Hosted MediaWiki
• Hosted MediaWiki provides links with shortcuts, arrangement depends on skin
• In Hosted MediaWiki, users can adapt the look and feel of the site through custom CSS on their user pages.
• Using MediaWiki, users can see links to articles below a certain size rendered in a different color
• In MediaWiki hosting, printable versions of articles can be generated
• In Hosted MediaWiki, users can have auto-number headings in an article (optional)
• In Hosted MediaWiki, users can generate a table of contents for long articles (optional)
• MediaWiki hosting allows users to automatically turn ISBN numbers into links to an editable list of booksellers
• The file upload feature in the MediaWiki hosting allows to upload graphics or sound files
• In MediaWiki, automatic resizing of images using ImageMagick or libgd, simple syntax for image captions and image alignment
• In MediaWiki, users get the benefit of extended recent changes with dynamic collapsing of edits to the same article and quick links to diff the edit, show the article history, show the user page, show the user talk page, or block the user (for sysops)
• In Hosted MediaWiki, there is an option to allow full use of HTML.
• In Hosted MediaWiki, users can also editing syntax based on UseMod, with support for mixing wiki-syntax and HTML.
• In Hosted MediaWiki, namespaces allow content separation (to address the namespace, use the [[Namespace:Page title]] syntax).
• Users can enable an option that allows them to edit individual sections of an article (separated by headlines) instead of loading the entire article.
• Users can enable an option that allows them to edit articles by double clicking them.
• Edit preview can be shown before or after edit box
• In Hosted MediaWiki, users can handle edit conflicts. MediaWiki will merge changes automatically if possible and otherwise require the user to do a manual merge.
• Mark edits as minor; users can decide to hide such edits from the Recent Changes list. Only signed in users can mark edits as minor.
• MediaWiki hosting prevents link spamming, and other forms of abusive editing.
• In Minecraft , each user and every article has an associated page where messages can be left.
• Message notification also is available in MediaWiki hosting that works for anonymous users
• Hosted MediaWiki supports both Database-driven MySQL and PostgreSQL
• Hosted MediaWiki allows cookie-based account and login system, but anonymous users can also edit pages
• In hosted MediaWiki, there are different rights for anonymous users, signed in users, sysops, bureaucrats and developers.
MediaWiki hosting is a bundle of features and when set up on Apps4Rent’s hosted platform, it just creates magic.
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