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Dreaming Of How To Get 4000 Hours Watch Time In Mobile
Now run back and forth right here until you encounter a group of TWO Foulanders. They're extra dangerous than the Foulanders and you have to revive Cloud and Red. Cloud is already useless, so the battle arena fight will finish before it begins. I recommend utilizing TubeBuddy to change all of your video finish screens with your most popular videos in bulk. They absorb lightning, so that's why we're utilizing Fire Veils. Ensure you could have 4 Fireplace Veils earlier than you head again to Da-Chao once more and remember to avoid wasting first. Make sure to heal him again after the battle, but don't revive the others. Also, be sure Aerith has more than 450 HP before every battle, in case all of them use Flying Sickle. Anyway, repeat this course of until you've gotten 4 Lunar Curtains, but when you have to be lucky and get two in one battle, I still suggest combating 4 battles to keep up with the battle plan.
You would possibly get an attack from each sides on the bridge and there's not much to do however hitting the restart button if that ought to happen. B27: Garuda x2 HP: 1400 Dif: 4/10 This is far worse. B21: Materia Keeper HP: 8400 Dif: 3/10 That is the toughest battle to this point, however he is not as tough as you might need thought he'd be. B22: Palmer HP: 6000 Dif: 1/10 Many people make enjoyable of Guard Scorpion for being such a simple boss, but if anybody must be made enjoyable of, it is Palmer. You understand. Additionally, ensure to equip Cloud with the Rune Blade once you get it. You need three Swift Bolts or Fireplace Veils for the upcoming Flapbeat battles, however you can even use Ice Crystals, in case you need to get one in addition to the sunshine Curtains. The Dragoon Lance is positioned within the "fire cave" at Da-Chao. First have Cloud or Red throw a fireplace Veil. If the one you ordered to throw will get killed, you will need to have the other one do it.
As soon as Aerith's HP falls under 150, you will need to have one of many guys heal her. Be aware that YouTube 4 Thousand Watch Hours indicate that people can have to watch your YouTube Videos for 4000 hours within one 12 months (Views above one year won’t be counted). Garuda has four attacks. No other attacks or limit breaks after that. how to get 4000 watch hours 9 months Have Cid throw an S-mine on the final enemy and then finish him off with a physical attack or a limit break as soon as Cait is useless. When a challenge has LL in its title, as most of the ones below have, it means that the level limit is 28. This rule is defined in the intro, but merely put it means that you cannot exceed stage 28 at any level in the game. I’ve put together a video below that takes you thru all the pieces it's worthwhile to find out about creating thumbnails that seize consideration and convert. So you'll be able to take on a regular basis you should get the eye of your target market, and you can construct a loyal following on YouTube. This is what is going to aid you to get monetization to your channel. How you can Allow Monetization After The Channel Reached 4000 Watch Hours and a thousand Subscribers?

If you have already got the 4000-hour watch time however haven’t reached a thousand subscribers yet, give your viewers the choice of subscribing in that first comment. How to finish a thousand Subscribers? However wait a minute. If considered one of Materia Keeper's attacks ought to miss, you possibly can have her heal after which wait till she's taken two attacks earlier than you heal again. Find the videos you need to make public, then go to the Visibility column. Be certain that to defend again after healing. Escape anything. Healing Aerith is not vital. You can too use Healing Wind each third time. There's only one thing to say right here and that is the battle with two Attack Squads that Barret and Cait Sith shall be compelled into, however in contrast to all the opposite Attack Squad battles, this one may be escaped. The only thing that may kill her on full HP is a crucial Hell Combo, however that doesn't happen very often. That is his pattern: 1. Wall 2. Shadow Flare 3. Wing (common bodily attack) 4. Ascend to back row 5. Pale Horse 6. Super Nova 7. Break (Heartless Angel when HP is beneath 20.000) 8. Decend to front row 9. DeSpell 10. Deen 11. Wing 12. Ascend to again row 13. Pale Horse 14. Super Nova 15. Break 16. Decend to entrance row 17. Back to start Shadow Flare, Wing, Pale Horse and Break are all single target attacks that can kill the target.

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