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After the dumping / export database is completed, the next step is to upload the database to the hosting server. On the website, Traffic (or also called Bandwidth) can be interpreted by the size of the data transfer that has been done by your website. The amount of traffic that has been used is determined by the number of visitors, the number of pages visited on your website and how your website is displayed.

Information about traffic on your website can be found in Cpanel. Once you have successfully logged in, you can directly access the Logs Bandwidth menu. As shown below Wait until the page load is complete. We provide web hosting here Best Web Hosting 2018 serve the purchase of web hosting easly. Then, you will see in detail how many quota bandwidth has been used and much more. Hosting companies usually provide the highest limit for bandwidth that will be used on a website, depending on paket2 offered).

This means that if your website uses a professional package hosting 50 Mb, then the limit for bandwidth is 1GB / month. If your website exceeds the bandwidth limit of 1GB, then visitors will not be able to access your website. This limit is valid monthly, meaning that if this month your website has exceeded the bandwidth limit given, then the next month, your website can be accessed again (the bandwidth will be recalculated from 0).

You can request for a package upgrade (with a larger bandwidth of course), to your hosting company, in case of overlimit on bandwidth on your website.You of course want your website to look beautiful and interesting. But of course there are consequences for traffic. 1 time loading website, will spend the traffic in accordance with the size of the page loaded (calculated The process of uploading and downloading done on your website also affects traffic. The more you upload / download, the greater the amount of traffic that will be used.

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