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The same situation is in other major cities – in Bialystok go to school 16 per cent.

Uncategorized November 19, 2019

In his view, the real test will come for us only in the next, starting in this year’s edition of the survey. Surveys conducted by the DGP that this year took advantage of the privilege of 13 thousand. teachers – about 15 percent. more than a year earlier. However, there are municipalities in which the town is twice more than in the previous year latach.W many cases rest of the work has nothing to do with the improvement of health, but is an attempt to wait out the tough times. For long holidays urge teachers themselves directors. – They do not want them to slow down, so suggest that benefited from sick leave – confirms Isabella Leśniewska, Director of Public Primary School No. 23 in Radomiu.Jedne governments accept such practices, others are appalled them.

Because they have to pay the salaries of teachers who actually do not work. MEN urge the seal of the system. Read more Elbanowscy criticized the Ministry of Education. Secondary schools will not be extinguished, and … extended by two years? How it’s possible? This is another attempt to fight the reform of education, which implies school education from the age of 6. The first attempt failed.

The ruling coalition last fall rejected a citizen referendum project on the reduction of compulsory school age. Now, under a new initiative that aims to leave the choice of the parents have already signed up 250,000 people. This is more than expected even organizers of the state Elbanowscy Foundation Save the Puppies. Officially the request of the citizens’ initiative with the signatures will go to the Parliament on December 17, that is środę.CZYTAJ ALSO: scandalized pennies. Only half of the “Top penny” went to orphanages >>>

The end of March olds parents should decide where from next year they will teach their children. As is clear from the survey that the DGP conducted among local governments, most will want to leave their children in kindergartens. Go to school no more than a third six-year: the same as before the introduction of the obligation when the parents themselves decide whether their child is ready to learn. Read more How schools tempt children? 10 tricks, which catch the local authorities in Katowice is a six-year 2797. For now, public schools reported 186 children.

The city estimates that 1862 will be in the nursery, and 50 go to school preschools. Similarly, in Gdansk. There live more than 4.3 thousand. Children with vintage 2010. By mid-March to the local primary schools reported 134 people. Declaration follow-up in the implementation of the annual compulsory preschool education made 767 parents of children in kindergartens and 942 children in the school Playgroups.

The same situation is in other major cities – in Bialystok go to school 16 per cent. olds, Wroclaw – 30 percent., Lublin – 10 per cent., in Opole – 30 percent. Also, smaller municipalities do not bode high school attendance. In Rybnik 1.5 thousand. Children go there 244. In Nowy Dwor Gdanski at 117 – only 15.- This is the case of the initial declaration. Parents are confused, waiting for what others do – says Katarzyna Krzyżykowska, director of the Municipal Education Team in Sztum. At the six-year 177 to the local elementary school has 42 children go.

Read more Opole 1000 zł gives a voucher for parents 6 and 7-year-olds who go to schools Similarly say in Lubartów (province. Lublin). – There is a complete mess and parents information they can not make a decision. It may be that a few people will decide on the mission of 6-year-olds to the first class, the rest will do the same. But it may be the opposite – says one of the employees of the municipal office. For them it is a problem, because if 6-year-olds do not go to school, can not be opened first class and you will need to arrange for transportation to another school. For the moment is a declaration of parents 9 of 71 sześciolatków.Widać, it might look like in the year when parents will decide to send their children to school. In Bialystok in the December poll 16 percent. http://homeworkmarket.me/ parents declared that they want their children’s education began – in 2014/2015 there were 18 per cent.

In Lublin stewards estimate that 10-15 percent of schools will go. population – in 2014 was approx. 18 percent. In Lodz, it is mentioned by 26 percent. to approx. 20 percent. in 2014. In Torun just over 10 percent. (In 2014 – 11 per cent.), In Opole officials estimate that 30 percent. (24 per cent.

In 2014) .Warszawa still counts, hoping to be able to convince the parents as much as possible. In the last year, when they decided, was about 33 percent. Read more Most of the new curators are people PiS. President of the PNA: Such purges yet it was not In 2016, the school had to go the whole year olds. In December, however, the Parliament abolished compulsory schooling. The same amendment to the education law also allowed parents to send back to the seven-year first-class, who went there last year already. Here you can see huge differences.

Gdańsk estimates that this opportunity will benefit half of six children. Similarly, in the Lublin – city by the Ombudsman in 1115 has already been a decision to postpone the fulfillment of compulsory education from 1 September 2015. By the children born in 2009. In Lubartowie of 79 children, even fifth can repeat the first klasę.Są However, the city in which those figures are much lower. According to preliminary surveys conducted among parents in Torun, it appears that 2182 children again in the first class will be 101 seven year olds. – All the time it takes recruitment to kindergartens and schools, therefore, this number can be changed – selects city spokeswoman Catherine Dębczyńska-Wroblewska.

Vice President of the PNA Krzysztof Baszczyński said on TVN24 that the unions are ready to sit down for talks. – I would like to remind you that we want to talk with the Prime Minister since 27 December 2017. – podkreślił.- what I am convinced of that, it is already a success. Talking about our profession, for our dignity, we said about the Polish school. This is a really added value – assessed. He argued that the strike took a huge number of outlets. – I am convinced that Anna Zalewska and the government underestimated the determination of the environment. I want simply to say (…), the strike is not an end in itself. We wanted to get along, but it speaks started, unfortunately, until March 25.

And it was such a chocholi taniec.Co in a situation, if the government will consistently said that there is no money? The deputy head of the PNA accept what the government says now, but back in February on the education committee claimed that there is no money, that “in the event you need to amend the budget.” – And what? Saturday miracles? Giving away money? – He was asking. He referred in this way to the announcement by the President of the Law and Justice “Five plus” .- And that losing the swine, that we lose in horned cattle? – asked Baszczyński.

At Saturday’s convention Jaroslaw Kaczynski, speaking of the need to support local food producers announced “100 zł subsidies for each porker and 500 zł for each cow.” The proposals are to be financed from European Union funds. – We waited that ANY Convention at least a jiffy devote teachers, what happens – said vice-president of the PNA. He added that teachers felt offended. – here it is so great determination environment. On Tuesday, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on TV that he wants to after Christmas “took place in the form of a round table nationwide debate on the education system.” As noted, he would like to have taken part in it unionists but also teachers, educators, educators, and parents. Read more in Rise of the “Solidarity”. Another appeal proximal regions demand Students of classes III secondary school on Friday at 9:00 am for an exam with a foreign language – the third and last part of compulsory secondary school exam. Friday is also the fifth day of the strike nauczycieli.- Today, another third good day. I hope above all very good for the students.

In all the schools exams were held today, there was no interference – said on Friday at a press conference the minister of foreign language edukacji.Egzamin is carried out on two levels. First performed at the basic level exam. Then, after the break came to high school students at the advanced level test. / ** / (function (d, s, d) {var js = vtjs d.getElementsByTagName (s) [0]; if (d.getElementById (d)) return; js = d.createElement (s); js .id = id; js.src = “https://videotarget.pl/v1/sdk.js” vtjs.parentNode.insertBefore (js vtjs)} (document, “script”, “VT-SDK”) ); / ** / to test a modern foreign language at primary level is required to join any high school student. At the advanced level it is compulsory only for those who have chosen the language you learned in elementary school. They could also accede to the other high school students if they wanted to test your skills językowe.- We receive hundreds of phone calls from parents (…).

For those who supervised the exams (…) many thanks from the parents, but that you were with the children that you are with the children. And thanks to volunteers, thanks to directors, thanks to the teachers who are at their students, thanks to the curators and provincial governors for three days of work for the good of the child – said the head of MEN.Poinformowała also found that the number of volunteers continues to increase. – Today it is already 10 thousand people. Welcome further, include thanks to you high school exam conducted smoothly – zaznaczyła.W Last week, Education Minister Anna Zalewska signed amendments to the regulations on the organization of external examinations (lower secondary school exam, ósmoklasisty and baccalaureate). According to it, the committee supervising the examination and course exams in schools can enter teachers from other schools, as well as any person who is teaching qualification. Read more Mobbing against striking teachers? “Superintendents collect the names of” Anna Zalewska also recalled the proposals presented to teachers in the educational part of the agreement with the compounds rządem.- support teachers, because (proposed) 15 percent. increases this year, 21 percent. increase in two years, which translates to 708 zł in the basic salary for a qualified teacher and more than 515 zł for a trainee teacher. It is also 300 zł for education, any extra activities for students payable is 1 thousand. zł for a trainee to start, it finally shortened career advancement, a return to the 2018 assessment. – enumerated Zalewska Minister, recalling the agreement signed with Solidarnością.- Every day we strive to make these declarations recorded in the agreement is implemented. We are already working on amendments to the regulations and the next week the bill will be ready and we’ll pass it to the Sejm – added the head of MEN.Dopytana of the bill said that “this project provides for implementation of the agreement.” – We’re already working on it – dodała.Na early March for consultation a draft amendment to the Charter hit a teacher, which contains records of changes in the law presented by the Ministry of Education in January, during the negotiations conducted by the Ministry of the educational unions.

This should include a provision allowing to raise teachers’ salaries from 1 September by 5 percent. During the negotiations in March and April, the government promised that this will not increase 5 percent. and 9.6 percent. This will be the second increase this year. First – 5 per cent – effective from January. Read more Resignation Education Minister virtually certain.

It lasts competition for the successor to the National Section of Education “Solidarity” on Sunday signed an agreement with the government. Filed in the 15 percent. increases in 2019. – 9.6 percent. increases in September already paid plus 5 per cent increase from January, shortening the length, determine the amount of the allowance for education at the level of not less than 300 zł, a change in the system of evaluation of teachers and reducing biurokracji.Podczas conference the minister was also asked about possible problems with the convening councils pedagogical and thus the classification of students’ final grades of secondary schools and techników.- I think that the trade unions on the subject spoke up, saying that they are boundaries that must not be exceeded – commented Zalewska.- regulations state clearly: first law on education says that the director has the obligation to carry out such a classification board, and teachers obligation to participate in the council classification. At the same time we have a law on collective disputes, Art. 21, which says that the director during the strike can not be restricted in any way in the performance of their duties. I, Article 17, paragraph 3, which shows that demand may not result in loss of social – powiedziała.Zaznaczyła that the possible lack of classification advice not only would prevent accession to the baccalaureate students, but also imply a repetition of the year by uczniów.- can not imagine, and the State also, that such a situation could occur – he said minister.Zapytana for introduction into the educational information system (SIO) data about the teacher who participates in a strike, Zalewska pointed out that “it is an absolute misunderstanding.” – School directors calling for the Ministry, it was dozens of such phones, with the question of how the absence of this record (the striking teachers – PAP) in the SIO, because they collect data, among others, related reporting – said the minister.

She added that “it is only in schools” .Dyrektor CKE Smolik Marcin reported that “in 7363 schools in the chair. 9.00 Secondary School exam began with a foreign language at primary level. The exam in English have joined more than 311 thousand. Students , from the German – 31.5 thousand., from the Russian – 7.6 thousand., French – 700 people, Spanish – 550 students, and Italian – 100 “.- All these examinations proceed as planned; supervising all the teams performed their tasks – he stressed. Read more in education strike deadline agreed with the PO? “It’s absurd, Law and Justice, as always, blame Platform” Klara Klinger, Artur Radwan: Do not you have the impression that the government’s family policy is contradictory?

On the one hand, we have 500 plus, on the other donates to children educational chaos. Many of them will – after the introduction of the eight classes instead of the usual six – to walk in shifts … Anna Zalewska: shift-it is actually unique in Europe, however, has nothing to do with education reform and transformation of middle schools. This is primarily a problem of big cities, where the authorities simply save the szkole.Nie have the money to changes related to the liquidation of this gimnazjów.- local governments cover the costs of maintaining buildings and equipment. It received the extra money.

In fact, local governments accumulate children in one building, because it is cheaper.

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